Metatrader library dashboard, icici bank singapore forex ...Foreign exchange market. The Forex currency market is a system of stable economic and organizational relations arising from the operations of buying or selling foreign currency, payment documents in foreign currencies, as well as capital movements of foreign investors. In the foreign exchange market, the interests of investors, sellers and buyers of currency values ​​are coordinated. Western economists characterize the Forex market from an organizational and technical point of view as an aggregate network of modern means of communication connecting national and foreign banks and brokerage firms. Forex operations on targets can be trading, speculative, hedging and regulatory (currency interventions by central banks). Story. Preconditions for the formation of The Best Bitcoin Brokers foreign exchange market. Currency exchange operations existed in the ancient world and in the Middle Ages. However, modern currency markets arose in the 19th century. The main prerequisites that contributed to the formation of the Forex market in the modern sense were the following: – wide development of various international economic relations; – the creation of a global monetary system based on the organization and regulation of currency relations, enshrined in interstate agreements; – widespread lending funds of international payments and payments; – consolidation and centralization of bank capital, wide development of correspondent relations between banks of different countries, including maintaining correspondent accounts in foreign currency; – development of information technologies and communications: telegraph, telephone, telex, which simplified contacts between the foreign exchange markets and reduced the time for receiving information about transactions.